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Services Seta will no longer accept unit standard-based applications after the end of August 2022 – see the official communication here.

The new QCTO system has very few skills programmes to choose from, so please consider making use of the current Seta system to enjoy the benefits of accreditation, between now and June 2024.

Reasons to get accredited now:

  • Benefit from 11 000+ unit standard options – NQF alignment flexibility we don’t yet see at the QCTO;

  • Half-price, off-the-shelf training materials are available;

  • We can assist you efficiently and effectively to put your complete (and compliant) application together before month end;

  • With Thrive your last invoice is only payable once your Seta accreditation comes through – so we are accountable throughout.

Reach out to me now to explore your options within a budget that’s comfortable for you.

If we’re currently assisting you with your Services Seta accreditation application, please work actively and quickly with your consultant so that we can submit it before month-end. 

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