Words alone cannot begin to express our sincere gratitude for all your help with this process!
A big hands up to the project leader” Margaret!, your patience and zeal to assist us even with a lot of obstacles that almost failed the process, was extra-ordinarily amazing…!

Gugu Sepeng

Premier Group of Companies

Thank you once again, Alida has really been a great support, and her calm demeanour really carried me through a lot of challenges – and I will forever be grateful towards her.

Jana Britz


Thank you very much for everything you have done to help me get this, it means so much, and Margaret was amazing to work with.
It would not have been possible to get accrediatation without Thrive. The process requires a lot of patience and admin which Thrive effortlessly sorted out for me.

Samantha Singh

Fluid Intellect

Thrive has always been very helpful since we started to make use of their services in 2018. The staff know what they are doing and are always available for guidance or answer a question. Andrea and team, keep up the good work.

Estie Smith

I am so proud of what we have achieved as far as this process is concerned. Our Thrive partnership has delivered on every single promise and a rather daunting task has been an absolute walk in the park.

Thank you Andrea and Alida for all you have done throughout this process. Your calm and methodically approach instilled confidence whilst we were learning the ropes in unchartered territory.

I consider Thrive as my best Google search ever! You really have no idea how much confidence you instil in those who interact with you. Thanks so much and I know this is a partnership that will stand for some time to come.

Renette van der Merwe

Budget Rent a Car

Thank you so much for your excellent presentation and taking us through the process! I give you 5 stars on all counts. You have an excellent,user friendly approach and I look forward to working with you and your team!

Susan Musgrave

Select Services

Thank you for all the excellent guidance and support you provided through the entire accreditation process for that  I am so greatful. Your strong and inspiring leadership gave me so much confidence during the entire journey. Thank you for all the hard work.

I looking forward to working  on more projects with you shortly.

Karen Hein

PE & R Business Solutions

Belinda, I have just received our extension of scope today! I have been celebrating and we are all over the moon, thank you to you for your participation, dedication and commitment to get it finished in time. I really appreciate your hard work and the way you always come up for me and TDW. Thank you so much….BIG thanks again.

Virginia Hendriks

Document Warehouse

Thank you so very much for all your assistance throughout this process – much appreciated. You guys have been fantastic. The accreditation came through 6 months earlier than I thought and planned!

Rindie Faurie

Founder and Trainer, CHT

It was such a pleasure to work and be guided by Thrive through the Accreditation process. The Consultant was very knowledgeable and patient, also very easy to work with. The compilation of our documents was completed orderly and therefore made the submission and site visit from the QCTO very manageable. It was an exciting experience.

GREEN Solar Academy

Without a doubt Thrive has won its medals with me. The honesty, the professionalism, the communication and the motivation is highly encouraging.

Johnny Mathebula

Employment Relations Hub

Thank you so much to you for all your guidance and support throughout this amazing journey, it’s been invaluable and we have learnt so much! It’s great to be able to refer to ourselves as an ACCREDITED Skills Development Provider!

Amadla Ku Lutshu

Muneez Julius-Rhoda

This was an extremely supportive and effortless process that exceeded all my expectations.

Marie Olivier

Life Principles for Transformation

It’s been a year that I have been in partnership with Thrive and waiting for this accreditation. Thank you for your worth and value that you have invested in this project of mine amongst all the blazing highways of challenges. I am utterly grateful and without your help, understanding and perseverance I would not have achieved this. I have a fresh, exciting, and life-changing adventure ahead.

Thank you Alida and Thrive for being the most helpful part of it. May God continue to bless the work of your hands as you strive to help others in their arena of work in this country.

Annerley Mayku-Moodley

Director, Dare To Begin

Thrive came highly recommended and did not disappoint. We were guided and educated through the entire process with professionalism and care. The whole accreditation process can be quite complex. Thrive, Andrea and Izelle made it a lot simpler. We understood the requirements, and our accreditation was granted sooner than expected. We were kept informed every step of the way.


Prop Direct