Learnerships are notoriously difficult to implement successfully. Learner dropout, competition price-war, complex delivery & assessment and Seta reporting compliance, all make for a product easy to sell, but tricky to deliver. At Thrive, we believe Learnerships can be done well and that success can indeed be measured and celebrated:

  • Meaningful competency – ideal recruitment, high-quality training, assessment and workplace support measured by the percentage of learners successfully found competent.
  • Benefits realised – structured, integrated, resourced and cost accurately to ensure a solid business case with smooth execution, maximization of client benefits and lucrative rollouts.
  • Learner entry into the economy – holistic workplace knowledge, skills and attitude that helps ensure learner retention and offers of employment. 
  • Reporting and Seta compliance done accurately and timeously, by members of a skilled and dedicated support team. Measured by timeous certification of learners.

With these primary success indicators in mind, Thrive has developed our Learnership Optimisation Solution to assist accredited providers to deliver their learnerships successfully. These offerings are customised to your learnership, clients, challenges and Seta and are delivered by a specialist Seta compliance consultant with extensive moderation and provider support experience.

There is no doubt that we can improve the way your learnerships are rolled out!

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Thrive launched our brand new turnkey Skills Development Strategy Solution in 2017, which includes the set-up, management and delivery of our own Thrive Learnership.

To date we have 100% competency, 95%+ retention and 100% absorption into the workplace. Statistics unheard of in this industry!

Thrive ensured careful learner selection and bridging programme for all learners through the Youth Employment Accelerator. A dedicated, invested Project Manager, highly experienced and entertaining facilitators and assessors and meticulous quality assurance – ensuring swift and painless certification of learners.

Through supportive & encouraging Merck Pharmaceutical management, our learnership programme continues to change the lives of South African youth and is everything that the National Skills Development Strategy envisaged.