QCTO Accreditation Specialists

We assist with any QCTO-related question or query that you might have – our highly experienced Accreditation Consultants are here to help. From 1-man business challenges to highly complex multinational compliance requirements – we’ve done it all. Simple, innovative success stories, to help you thrive.

Thrive was founded in 2003 and has been run by the same founding members ever since: Ingrid van Heerden and Andrea Kellett – leading experts in the QCTO compliance and benefits field. Thrive has niched itself in the compliance space offering skills development facilitator services, ensuring both Mandatory and Discretionary funding is enjoyed.

We also offer a streamlined, painless, professional accreditation services which results in timeous compliance, swift return on investment and a quick realisation of accreditation benefits. With your participation, we take full responsibility and accountability for the success of your QCTO application. Your last invoice is only payable once you have your accreditation!


Thrive QCTO Accreditation Journey

Have a look at our video that will show you what your QCTO Accreditation Journey with Thrive will look like.

THANK YOU for the amazing support! Thilligie has been so helpful, efficient, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. We are very appreciative of the help you have given.

Victoria Knowler

The African eLearning Academy

Covid-19 disrupted timelines, but Alida kept the communication lines open and kept giving updates on her follow-ups with the SSETA. The session attended on how to get one’s business accredited was very informative and led to the accreditation of my training business.

Joy Segopolo

Rata Thuto Institute

I was extremely satisfied by the service and support by Andrea, Al and the team! I found the process seamless as Thrive went to the mat to ensure I receive my accreditation, despite the challenges presented by COVID-19

Zarina Moosa

Platinum Business Solutions



Fairlands, Johannesburg

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