Winter has never really been my thing – the dry, dusty fields, dark mornings and chilly…well…chilly everything. But our short-lived winter is really no need to throw in the beach towel just yet…perhaps its best reminder to my frozen toes is that we’re half-way through the year…can you believe that?

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry…hoping your goals and ambitions for 2018 are firmly underway!

We’ve had so many enquiries and lots of concern about the next month or so and what will happen to legacy (unit standard-based) qualifications. Here is the QCTO circular defining what will happen next, in short:
  • All legacy qualifications that have been re-written by the QCTO will not be re-registered on the NQF after 30 June 2018;
  • All active legacy qualifications, not re-written by the QCTO and where Setas have requested it will likely be re-registered on the NQF;
  • All legacy qualifications not currently in use by any provider will not be re-registered after 30 June 2018.

The list of legacy qualifications that will be re-registered (and those that will not) has been circulated by some Setas and we anticipate further lists to be made available any day now.

What does this mean for skills programme providers?
Our understanding is that skills programme providers will continue to align and accredit to unit standards that form part of qualifications that are re-registered. They should however start thinking longer term in terms of the occupational certificates that QCTO have developed and will continue to define as we go forward.

Please be assured that we at Thrive are watching developments closely – we commit to being at the very edge of changes as they happen.  To this end we discuss and share QCTO/Seta/SAQA communications, changes and amendments with the whole Thrive team at our bi-monthly project meetings, as well as share developments real-time via email and our WhatsApp group.
We will continue to inform and update you as things unfold.

Click here for the QCTO circular.

Our bi-monthly accreditation mini-workshops sell out pretty quickly, so we have started presenting them weekly when the demand is high, alternatively as an in-house workshop for your company. In this way we keep the workshop small (no more than 5 – 6 delegates) to ensure a highly-customised presentation, as well as individual solutions crafted for each delegate/company before you leave.

If you are deciding on whether accreditation is for you or if you’d simply like to know more about the benefits of accreditation to ensure your return on investment then this workshop is for you. Details can be found here.

Services Seta Discretionary Grant call for applications can be found here. Feel free to let us know if we can assist you with that.

Some comments from our Accreditation mini-workshop held in May in Cape Town:
  • “This helped clarify all the questions in my head – thank you for all your help!”
  • “Thanks, Andrea – you are a knowledgeable and skilled presenter”
  • “Very useful – this is a great refresher and caters for individual needs. Thank you”
  • “I now understand accreditation fully – what I’m getting myself and my company into”
  • “Andrea’s great expertise and experience helped to clarify a terribly complex process. We’ll be contacting you to get the process going!”
  • “Very useful – a very enjoyable morning”
  • “The clarification is much appreciated – this workshop was very useful”
  • “Should my company make a decision to be a skills development provider, we will certainly contact Thrive. It was an informative session, thank you”.
“I just wanted to write to you to say thank you to Thrive and specifically to Al for the help with achieving our accreditation. It has finally been confirmed, so we are very happy! Al was always patient, positive and helpful in my engagement with him, and it was a pleasure to work with him.”
Charlotte Moore – One and Zero
“Thilligie was great. She was very helpful and has good insight into exactly what is required to complete the project. She did what she said she would do and could answer any queries I had. You understood my needs exactly and didn’t try and sell me a solution that was full of extras that would not be needed. The project was defined clearly from the start and delivery was on point. Thrive’s time lines were kept well in order.”
Stanley Bawden – The Living Link

“Alida, we were impressed by your timeous responses to all our queries. You also assisted when some of our questions must have sounded so puerile! We were pleasantly surprised by your sincerity and great workmanship. We would never have managed on our own.”
Dr Linda Chipunza – Affinity Development Partners

“Thank you! I am quite relieved at the news of our accreditation. Thank you for all your assistance through the process.”
Nitha Ramnath – Agama Consulting

“Wow! Thank you for your prompt reply! I am really astonished at the level of service your consultancy offers and we haven’t even begun the process.”

Nicole Thrush – Learn By Design
A big congratulations to these clients who achieved their accreditation in May & early June:
  • EDISM achieved Services Seta accreditation – Thilligie assisted with this application.
  • Zero and One achieved MICT Seta accreditation at their brand new venue – thank you, Al.
  • Lessons Online extended their scope to Services Seta courtesy of Margaret’s efforts.
  • JHJ Training – was assisted by Margaret and achieved learning programme approval with Services Seta.
  • Learnfast – Alida extended their scope to Services Seta.
  • Agama Consulting & Services achieved Services Seta accreditation. Thank you Thilligie!
  • UKZN Extended Learning was awarded Services Seta accreditation thanks to Thilligie’s tenacity.
  • Downes Murray International – Services Seta accreditation achieved, thank you Margaret!
  • The Living Link received their Services Seta accreditation thanks to Thilligie.
  • Cotlands is now Services Seta accredited, due to Thilligie’s efforts.
  • Boundless World also received their Services Seta accreditation courtesy of Thilligie.

SDF Course
Date: 15-17 August 2018 (10% discount if booked and paid for by 1 August)
Venue: Randburg,
Click here to register | Click here for further information.

Assessor course 
Dates: 26 – 27 July 2018 (10% discount if booked and paid for by 12 July), 20 – 21 September 2018 (10% discount if booked and paid for by 6 September)
Venue: Randburg,
Click here to register | Click here for further information.


Keep warm, stay healthy and I’ll see you on the other side of the winter solstice 🙂

All the best in skills,