A training quality management system (QMS) is a set of company policies and procedures that encapsulates the intention and practical way in which an organisation ensures the quality of the training provided. A QMS is required for all companies applying for Seta/ETQA accreditation.

Developing a QMS is often a tedious process as training providers tend to have tacit or “unspoken” quality management built into the way in which they conduct their business which is rarely explicitly documented. This QMS template will form the basis for you to structure and create the Seta-required policies and procedures – it will help you to capture your internal quality measures by asking all the right questions to assist you in gaining maximum value from this process, whilst also catering for Seta compliance.

What do I get?

There are 26 policies and resources in a multi-page Word document. The contents of this QMS template have passed accreditation site visits at 19 of the various Setas – cost is R3 500 ex VAT.

Policies & procedures include:
  1. Quality Assurance Policy and Procedure
  2. Strategic Management Policy and Procedure
  3. Marketing Policy
  4. Resource Management Policy and Procedure
  5. Financial Management Policy and Procedure
  6. Risk Management Policy and Procedure
  7. Staff Selection, Appraisal, Development and Promotion Policy and Procedure
  8. Administration and Communication Policy and Procedure
  9. Communication policy and Procedure
  10. Document and Record Management Policy and Procedure
  11. Reporting Policy and Procedure
  12. Health and Safety Management Policy
  13. Registration & Accreditation Policy
  14. Learning Programme Development and Evaluation Policy and Procedure
  15. Learner Entry, Guidance and Support Policy and Procedure
  16. Course Delivery (Facilitation) Policy and Procedure
  17. Offsite Delivery Policy and procedure
  18. Work Site Management Policy
  19. Assessment Management and RPL Policy and Procedure
  20. Credit Transfer policy and procedure
  21. Moderation Policy and Procedure
  22. Appeals and Disputes Policy and Procedure
  23. Grievance and disciplinary policy and procedure
  24. Certification Policy and Procedure
  25. Evaluation and Review Policy and Procedure
  26. Management System Review Policy/Internal Audit Policy and Procedure
What do I need to do to use the QMS template?
  • Read the QMS policies & procedures to ensure understanding.
  • Amend and adapt it to reflect your quality management processes – bear in mind your specific Setas requirements.
  • Change “TP” to the name of your company, as well as version numbers etc as described in the document.
  • Distribute the policies & procedures to anyone involved with quality management in your company and implement.
How do I purchase the template?
  1. Simply complete the order form below.
  2. You will receive an automated email with:
    • A pro-forma invoice including our bank details to the value of R3 500 (ex VAT) and
    • An SLA which outlines the terms of use.
  3. Make the payment using your pro-forma invoice as a reference and sign the SLA – then email these through to us ingrid@thrive.co.za
  4. We will then email you the QMS template along with a tax invoice.

Any queries with regards to the QMS template can be directed to ingrid@thrive.co.za.

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