Glimmers of the ordinary, winds of change, second waves, and the stupid mask. Zoom fatigue, a worrisome cough, and the quiet Sandton 5 pm streets.

Elbow greetings, a dozen delivery scooters, and curfews to keep us at home.

It’s a weird and wonderful world, Thrive Tribe!

During Lockdown Level 1 our minister has given the green light and training across the country is going (safely) full-steam ahead. Our skills gap is ever-present, BEE skills development targets still need to be met and it’s time to get back to work!

At Thrive we understand first-hand how hard this year has been and to do our bit to help to get providers back on track, we’re extending our successful Services Seta accreditation special through the month of November!

That’s a substantial 25% discount on all Services Seta accreditation projects started in November with the intention of submitting to Seta before the end of November. Same professional, compliant, and complete service you’ve come to know and trust at Thrive – just 25% off!

Not only that, but we’ve also chatted with our trusted training materials partners – GemTrain – and they are also offering a 25% discount on all Services Seta off-the-shelf materials used for this purpose.

Glimmers of hope, indeed! Literally, hundreds of small and large training providers across the country turn to us for help – isn’t it time you did too?

Yours in skills,


Top Find of the week

We found these SAQA NQF infographics that are an excellent tool to explain the new QCTO qualification titles. Click here to download.


Thrive has had a very successful accreditation year, with even some of the trickiest accreditations coming through. It’s time to apply for accreditation in 2020 like these amazing clients of ours have done through us in 2020 so far!

  • Knowbility Skills Lab – https://knowbility.co.za/ – for achieving their Services Seta accreditation with our #setaninja Al Stander;
  • Human Capital Investments –  https://hciskills.co.za/ – on getting their Services Seta accreditation with our #setaninja Margaret Barretto;
  • Autism Western Cape – https://www.autismwesterncape.org.za/ – for being awarded Provisional Accreditation with the ETDP seta;
  • Flow Communications – https://www.flowsa.com/ – for achieving their Services Seta accreditation with our #setaninja Alida;
  • Makeup by Madeline (Pty) Ltd – http://makeupbymb.co.za/ – on getting their Services Seta accreditation. Way to go #setaninja Izelle;
  • Mimecast – https://www.mimecast.com/ – for being awarded MICT Seta accreditation with our #setaninja Alida;
  • Zikholele Training – https://zikholele.com/ – for being awarded Services Seta accreditation with our #setaninja Alida (again);
  • Ikusasa CNC Training – https://ikusasatraining.co.za/ for being awarded MerSETA accreditation with our awesome Thilligie Pillay;
  • CAPABILITY HR (Pty) Ltd for getting their Services Seta accreditation with Margaret Barretto;
  • Learnfast Training Solutions – https://www.learnfast.co.za/ – with their Services Seta accreditation!! Go Alida van Heerden;
  • Mindful Revolution –  www.mindfulrevolution.io  for being awarded their Services Seta accreditation with van Heerden;
  • Rekindle Learning (Pty) Ltd – https://rekindlelearning.com/ for achieving their Services Seta accreditation with #setaninja Margaret Barretto;
  • GerionCare Training (Pty) LTD for achieving their Services Seta accreditation with #setaninja Alida van Heerden;
  • Effective Human Intervention (Pty) LTD – https://www.ehiafrica.co.za/ for being accredited by TETA –  with #setaninja Al Stander;
  • Dementia SA – https://www.dementiasa.org/ –  for achieving their Services Seta accreditation with #setaninja Belinda Beer;
  • Insight Entrepreneurship Institute NPC Services for achieving their Services Seta accreditation with #setaninja Al Stander;
  • Excel Facilitation (Pty) Ltd for achieving their Services Seta accreditation –  with #setaninja Al Stander;
  • Kinga Global for being accredited by Services Seta with our #setaninja, Al Stander;
  • Mazars Academy (Pty) Ltd – https://www.mazars.co.za/ for getting their Services Seta accreditation! WOOP WOOP! Way to go #setaninja, Alida;
  • People Development Network Enterprises for being accredited by Services Seta with our #setaninja, Al Stander;
  • Sum of 21 – http://sumof21.co.za/ for achieving their MICT Seta accreditation with #setaninja Margaret Barretto;
  • Cape Wine Academy (Pty) Ltd – https://www.capewineacademy.co.za/ – for being accredited by W&RSETA with our #setaninja, Al Stander;
  • Bagaka Learning Academy (Pty) Ltd for getting their Services Seta accreditation with #setaninja, Al Stander;
  • Strategic Simulation Solutions (Pty) Ltd t/a BTS Africa –  https://www.bts.com/ – Training Solutions their accreditation- go, Margaret Barretto;
  • OIM Consulting – https://www.oimconsulting.com/ – for achieving their Services Seta accreditation with our awesome #setaninja Alida van Heerden;
  • Scubaversity – https://www.scubaversity.co.za/ – for getting their Services Seta accreditation with #setaninja, Al Stander;
  • The Powerhouse Consultants – https://www.theconsultantpowerhouse.co.za/ – for achieving their Services Seta accreditation!
  • Goalgetters (Pty) Ltd –https://goalgetters.co.za/ for achieving their Services Seta accreditation, go Belinda Beer go;
  • Lethatsi (Pty) Ltd for achieving their WR Seta accreditation with our #setaninja Al Stander;
  • Wolfpack Information Risk (Pty) Ltd  –   https://wolfpackrisk.com/ – on getting their MICT Seta accreditation with our #setaninja Al Stander;
  • A to B Transformation for achieving their Services Seta accreditation with #setaninja Al Stander;
  • RPAS Training Academy – https://rpastrainingcademy.com/ –  for being awarded their TETA accreditation with our #setaninja, Margaret Barretto;
  • BTS Africa – https://www.bts.com/ for being awarded their Services Seta accreditation with our #setaninja, Margaret Barretto;
  • Africa32 Consulting for being awarded Services Seta accreditation with #setaninja Belinda Beer;
  • Anglo American Coal for achieving their Mining Qualifications Authority accreditation! Our #setaninja, Margaret Barretto rocks again!


We are offering a 15% discount for all ONLINE course options from October – November 2020.

Assessor Course  – ONLINE
Dates: 12-13 November 2020
The cost: R5 950 (ex VAT) per person, including the 2-day training, POE assessment, and one re-assessment.
Registration: For the course outline & registration pack, click here.