I wasn’t sure how to start this newsletter – in fact I wrote this intro a few times over. Everything is moving so fast….everything is standing still….there’s too much to do….do we have enough to do?

What will the rest of the year bring?

It’s been an uncertain period in the South African training industries and at times I’ve felt fear and stagnation around me…..

I must tell you though, that I absolutely believe we’ve turned a corner. QCTO and Setas are evolving and presenting their revised governing policies, company & programme accreditations are coming through, WSPs are being submitted complete and compliant – and perhaps most importantly Seta departments are moving faster than ever into an online, virtual quality assurance world. Providers can now mostly continue through an online delivery methodology and I’m seeing creativity, questioning and experimentation in every interaction I have.

It’s no longer a case of can we make this work…’s simply how do we make this work?

And right now that feels like a breath of fresh air!

Remember to breathe, #ThriveTribe….this too shall pass and with flexibility and out-of-the-box thinking, we will emerge stronger than ever in the new 4 IR world that is shaping our future.

Stay safe. Yours in skills,

P.S. There has been a lot of changing information circulating over the last few weeks – everything listed here is directly from source, carefully referenced and correct at time of sending.


Industry News


The DHET Seta COVID-19 Guidelines have been published. The guidelines reiterate that The Skills Development Levies Act has provided for the extension of ATR | WSP’s submissions until 31 May 2020. To read more, click here.
HAS YOUR 2020 WSP BEEN SUBMITTED? The Thrive team is actively compiling Mandatory Grants across all Setas for submission. Don’t wait until it’s too late!  Contact us today.


SSETA has issued their COVID-19 Guidelines. Importantly, all accredited training and assessment can now be offered using an online virtual methodology.
WHAT DOES THAT MEAN FOR TRAINING PROVIDERS? SDP’s can now convert their training  & assessment into a virtual online offering.  This importantly  entails applying to Services Seta for delivery methodology approval. Contact us  today to find out about Thrive’s brand new  “Providers Online” service –  created to assist accredited training providers to transition into this new world.
The QCTO has published their guidelines regarding online learning in trade and occupations.  Click here to download the guideline document.

National Treasury has announced a skills development levy holiday for four months, starting from 1 May 2020 to help businesses with cash flow amid the pandemic. Click here for the detailed government communique.

Click here for information and resources about funding, financial relief or general support to assist businesses to survive though the economic impact of the pandemic.

INSETA has published a FAQ document to assist their stakeholders with information to navigate their operational standpoint during lockdown.  To download this document, click here.

Seta Opportunities

INSETA has opened their Discretionary Grants Applications Window for 2020 | 2021. Funding applications will be accepted until 30 June 2020. See here for further information.

HWSETA Discretionary Grant funding window is now open for the 2020/2021 financial year. The closing date for all Expressions of Interests is 29 May 2020.  Click to see the advert here. To access the application form, visit the following link.

#Setaninja News

Our masked #setaninjas have been stealthily pursuing accreditations,  ensuring that the Thrive #WOOPWOOP tradition stays alive and well! So let’s give a hearty #WOOPWOOP to:
  • GerionCare Training (Pty) LTD for achieving their Services Seta accreditation with #setaninja Alida van Heerden;
  • Rekindle Learning (Pty) Ltd – for achieving their Services Seta accreditation with #setaninja Margaret Barretto;
  • Effective Human Intervention (Pty) LTD – for being accredited by TETA –  with #setaninja Al Stander;
  • Insight Entrepreneurship Institute NPC Services for achieving their Services Seta accreditation –  with #setaninja Al Stander;
  • Excel Facilitation (Pty) Ltd for achieving their Services Seta accreditation –  with #setaninja Al Stander.


Thrive is pleased to announce that from June 2020 our popular and well-known, interactive accredited Assessor & SDF course offerings will be offered virtually. Watch this space! Learning online has never been so easy! Details to follow.

Planning to get your business Seta accredited this year?

Lockdown is a great time to ensure your compliance and documentation is in place and sorted out. Ask us about the Thrive accreditation services lockdown specials we’re currently running for accreditation projects started within lockdown. As always at Thrive there are limited accreditation project gaps available to ensure a complete and supportive service – so don’t delay! Contact us with your accreditation requirement today. Find out how we can help you!  We are just a click away!