I tried my hand…heart (?) head (?) at some meditating recently – trying to sit still and not think of anything in particular for a period of time. The squirrels running around my head are real!! They have a lot to say and are determined to distract me!

(See what I mean??)

Needless to say, it’s been a tricky and interesting journey so far – and one I look forward to continuing.

It does feel like a time of stillness, and rest is exactly what we need as we zoom towards the end of the year. Earnest efforts to wrap things up, the franticness of exams, finalising projects, and screeching into December. Honestly, I’m tired. And there are times that I feel worn out.

This year has been unprecedentedly difficult for so many of us, Thrive Tribe. Our sincere and heartfelt wish is that this December downtime brings you and your loved ones rest and rejuvenation – a time to find joy in the small things and the unwavering spirit of human connectedness.

May we return next year energised and whole and ready…..filled to the brim with the wonder of possibilities.

Gratitude all around as we count our blessings and give extra special thanks to our clients, associates, network, and everyone who makes Thrive possible…from our team to yours….

Thank you!

Wishing you all the very best! Stay safe & sane, Thrive Tribe….

Regards, Andrea and the whole Thrive team: Bongie, Al, Margaret, Belinda, Izelle, Alida, Amanda, Dorcas, Janine, and Ingrid