Oh my word….who would’ve thought? March has been a crash course in statistics, data analysis, fake news (meh!) and where on earth do all those dishes come from?? Leggings have never been so comfortable. I haven’t felt this excited about our African leadership in a very long time. The harsher pandemic scenarios scare me to tears. And from the deep luxury of my humble abode, I see the stark realities of our income spectrum. And my heart is with us all more than my composed self can admit.

My need to help stands tall – and the best way I personally can do that right now is by doing our bit to keep the economy running…so here we are running virtually at full speed

Mandatory Grant (WSP/ATR) deadline is around the corner….Thrive SD team is fully open for business and here to help you with any of your SDF data-sorting, collation and submissions. There are dire consequences for any company concerned about BEE score-carding… please don’t forget about your WSP submission. 30 April is our usual deadline – with some Setas offering extensions. Your compliant WSP submission will result in a Mandatory Grant equating to 20% of your annual SDL contribution.

It’s a great time to have your back-office compliance and administration sorted out – so as always, feel free to give us a shout if can we can help.

Be safe at home, Thrive Tribe. We shall overcome and emerge from this stronger than ever!

Yours in skills, Andrea

Industry News


Companies all around South Africa are (at home) putting together their 2020 Workplace Skills Plans & Annual Training Reports for submission. In light of #lockdown and the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in, many Setas have extended their deadlines. The following Setas published their extension policy at the time of going to press:

AGRiSETA – Blanket extension – See here
BANKSETA – Blanket extension – See here
CATHSSETA – Blanket extension – See here
ETDP SETA – Blanket extension –  here
EWSETA – Blanket extension – here
FOODBEV SETA – See policy here
FP&M SETA  – Blanket extension – See here
HW SETA – See policy here
LGSETA – Blanket extension – See here
MERSETA – See policy here
MICT – Blanket extension – See here
MQA – Blanket extension – See here
PSETA – Blanket extension – See here
SASSETA – Blanket extension – See here
SERVICES SETA – Blanket extension – See here
TETA – Blanket extension – See here
W&RSETA – Blanket extension – See here

Successful submission has a really good ROI for your organisation:

  • It’s a great opportunity for companies to plan for and develop specific skill set requirements, ensuring both businesses & employees the opportunity to grow;
  • A Mandatory Grant to the value of your 20% of your annual SDL;
  • Your compliant WSP submission is a requirement for BEE score-carding (SD component of the scorecard);
  • The opportunity to apply for Discretionary Grants as the year unfolds.

If you do not have a Skills Development Facilitator on your team, Thrive is offering essential SDF Services to help you manage the skills season:

  • We can take over the process by being an external SDF to your organisation;
  • We can support your internal SDF with strategic insight and back-end administrative support.

We are a click away if you need help. We will be posting regular updates on Facebook, so please follow us for news.

Have you given any thought about how to run your Skills Committee meeting during lock down?
Why not go virtual?
It is a great way to connect with colleagues & collaborate on the best way to ensure on-time submission.


QCTO has extended the quality assurance mandate of the HWSETA until March 2030.

The #COVID19 pandemic is set to realign the world’s social and economic structure and fundamentally change the way people work and interact, personally and professionally. As the world puts its efforts into flattening the curve, the Fourth Industrial Revolution will create new opportunities for rebuilding the economies across the globe.  Click here to read more.

The 2019 Annual Training Reports will need to be completed using the 2017 Organisation Framework of Occupations (OFO) codes, and the 2020 Workplace Skills Plan’s need to be completed using the 2019 OFO codes. Click here for more information.

#Setaninja News

Our masked #setaninja team have been virtually fantastic this month! Congratulations #ukuhalalisela go out to the following companies and the #setaninja’s who got them there:

  • Ikusasa CNC Training – for being awarded accreditation at MerSETA with our #awesome Thilligie Pillay;
  • CAPABILITY HR (Pty) Ltd for getting their Services Seta accreditation with #MagicalMargaret Barretto sage seta wisdom;
  • Learnfast Training Solutions – – with their Services Seta accreditation!! Our #setaninja Alida van Heerden;
  • Mindful Revolution –  for being awarded their Services Seta accreditation with #GoAlida!
  • Zikholele Training – – for being awarded their Services Seta accreditation with our #GoAlida supporting them over the finish line!
  • Effective Human Intervention  – –  for achieving their accreditation from TETA  #AlStanderRocks.

Planning to get your business Seta accredited this year? Find out how we can help you! We are just a click away!

You’re still here?? Your eye for detail deserves a full-on elbow tap. Or foot tap. Or something.
Free hand sanitisers all round!
Thrive would like to thank you all for your continued support.