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Become a Registered Moderator

Unit Standard 115759: Conduct moderation of outcomes-based assessments, NQF 6, 10 credits

Moderation is a huge responsibility and a very important part of the Quality Assurance process in South Africa. This course will equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge to make you a powerful moderator in your organisation.

The 2-day action packed programme has been designed to equip moderators with the tools, knowledge and skills they need to be effective moderators of assessment in the Seta and QCTO environments.

Simulation and other fun-filled activities have been built into the virtual programme to support the learning and to ensure practical application of all the principles learnt in the programme creating a safe environment for learning to be applied.

Isn’t it time you joined us too?

What we will cover on Day 1

  • Introduction and overview of the 2-day programme
  • Where does Moderation fit into Outcomes Based Education in the Seta & QCTO world?
  • Assessment and Moderation principles
  • Assessment principles activity
  • A look at the complete moderation process
  • How to plan and prepare for Moderation
  • Moderation simulation activity
  • Factors influencing the way you do Moderation

What we will cover on Day 2

  • Pre- and Post Moderation Meetings
  • Role play activity
  • Report, record and administer Moderation
  • Review Moderation systems and processes – SWOT analysis
  • Simulation: Assessing a Portfolio of Evidence
  • Simulation: Conduct moderation of outcomes based assessment


We pride ourselves on how easily you will be able to complete your portfolio of evidence after the training. We also offer workshops on building a portfolio of evidence. 

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