Good morning Skills World :)…cue all the clichés about time flying and disbelief about the date, time and tide that certainly waits for no man! I’m reminded of roller-coasters and the thrill of the ride and I’m hoping that your year is unfolding into your best year yet – are your plans on track? I’m hoping you have small spaces in the chaos to smell the roses?

As the days March on I certainly hope we get to squeeze in many of the joys of life…after all, today is all we really have.

First aid providers must achieve Seta accreditation by August 2018 or face DOL de-registration (DOL notice here)…this doesn’t leave us much time. We have a range of solutions to assist you – from start-to-finish accreditation packages, NQF-aligned compliant training materials and consultation support.

Chat to me about how best we can assist you within the required timeframes and within a budget comfortable for you.

Please do check – and if so, remember that in order to have an extension granted beyond March you need to be seen as an active provider, which includes assessing / moderating / uploading learners on the Seta reporting systems and an annual QMS review. Contact us if you need any assistance.

Skills season is firmly upon us here at Thrive and we are in full swing submitting WSP’s and ATR’s. Don’t miss out on your 20% of annual SDL Mandatory Grant, along with the opportunities to claim Discretionary Funding as the year unfolds.

If BEE is important to you, then this submission is a must. Please don’t leave it too late! Contact us to see how best we can help – either by acting as an external SDF to your organisation, or simply by supporting your internal SDF with some strategic insight and back-end administrative support.


Marietjie Janse van Vuuren – Moves for Life
“This is an email written with mixed feelings: on the one hand I am extremely relieved and excited for this process to be at this stage of completion, but yet also feeling a bit of loss, since you have grown to be part of the family and the pop-ins and contact with you will be dearly missed!

Thanks for the tenacity with which you supported us in this complicated process of lost and found documents, you were an exemplary professional and you and your company can be recommended for walking 2 extra miles.

I hope to take you out for a nice breakfast discussing this and to thank you for your sublime service. If you have a little space available in your diary for such an event, please let me know!”

Myles Thies – Eiffelcorp
“Wow! The champers just popped! Thanks for everything you did to get this done – much appreciated! Thanks again for everything.”

March is a bumper month so far for successful company and programme accreditations. A big congratulations to these clients:

  • HSP attained MerSeta accreditation for their OHS training – thank you to Deonie for making it happen.
  • Moves for Life were awarded ETDP Seta accreditation – thank you Margaret 🙂
  • Oakley House in Cape Town also awarded ETDP Seta accreditation – again, thank you to Margaret.
  • Dyad achieved Services Seta accreditation – thanks, Alida.
  • Eiffelcorp attained ETDP Seta accreditation – thank you, Alida.
  • Laboursmart received their Services Seta accreditation – thank you goes to Margaret for this achievement.
  • Bravo Group on their super quick MerSeta accreditation….thank you Al!
  • Homechoice in Cape Town were awarded their Services Seta learnership accreditation – thank you Thilligie
  • CS Interactive awarded ETDP Seta accreditation, also courtesy of Margaret.
  • Shuter and Shooter another ETDP Seta accreditation coming your way, thank you Margaret!
  • JFE Group attained a MerSeta accreditation, thank you Alida.
  • The Village Scribe on achieving their ETDP Seta accreditation. Margaret was our champion here – thank you!
  • Innovative Value Consultants on achieving their Services Seta accreditation – thank you, Deonie!


Assessor Course 
Date: 11-12 April 2018 (10% discount offered on booked and paid delegates before 30 March)
Venue: Randburg, 
Click here to register | Click here for further information.

Moderator Course 
Date: 14-15 June 2018
Venue: Randburg, 
Click here to register | Click here for further information.

May March be as exhilarating and wonderful as the world we live in!

All the best in skills