EpiTek & Thrive

Thrive has partnered with EpiTek to create a unique QCTO-compliant online education platform.


The first South African online end-to-end online education platform – designed for QCTO-accredited Skills Development Providers by accreditation compliance experts.

The education platform helps you to support and manage your learners’ journey from beginning to end, including:

  • Learner management – from registration, tracking throughout the programme up to the point of compliant QCTO reporting;
  • E-learning capability – live classrooms, uploaded training content, videos and slides. We can assist you to digitise your own specific programme too. The platform comes pre-loaded with some QCTO-compliant content – a first for SA!
  • E-assessment – tracking, and storage throughout the learner’s journey. Facilitator/assessor access to assessments for assessing and moderating purposes.

White-labelled and custom-designed so that it looks and feels just like you!


QCTO-Specific Features

Learner Online Registration

Collect the required QCTO learner information upon course registration. The process is autonomous and time efficient.

Compliant Database Format

Download learner batch registration details in the QCTO-compliant .csv file format. This feature formats all registration details ready to be uploaded to the QCTO.

QCTO Compliant Material

EpiTek can provide your training organisation with rebranded and preloaded course content onto your unique platform. This includes interactive videos, downloadable content and pre-set formative and summative assessments.
The QCTO-accredited course can assist with your migration to the QCTO.

Student Course Approval

Approve learners’ QCTO registration on the platform. This enables a learner to gain access to the online course provided and restricts it according to learner entry requirements.

Blended Learning

Create QCTO-compliant blended learning courses in the form of self-paced learning and live virtual classes embedded within the platform. You can create formative assessments for students to complete before moving to new topics.

Statement of Results

Generate a report of your learners’ completed formative and summative assessments per course. You are able to utilise invigilator software to ensure the authenticity of results.


Want to see more? Sign up here for a no-obligation demo and let us walk you through the features and talk you through how this platform can ensure your migration to the QCTO is seamless, digitised and easy on the admin! 😊



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