Why training businesses need Seta accreditation


Seta accreditation may be an asset to those running a training business. Not only does it benefit your business, but the learners who are trained by accredited training providers and their employers also stand to benefit.


QCTO and/or Seta accreditation brings added credibility to a training business. It indicates that your business meets the acceptable standards of quality set by an official body. In this case, it’s your industry’s Sector Education and Training Authority (Seta). Many potential clients, including corporates and other businesses, will actively seek accredited training providers for this very reason.


As part of the Seta accreditation process, your training programmes are assessed and the outcomes are aligned with the requirements of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). Learners who complete your training programmes will benefit from receiving a nationally recognised certification.  In the South African environment where skills are scarce, further education and skills development may play a valuable role in boosting learners’ careers.


Businesses that enrol their employees for training programmes and learnerships with accredited providers can enjoy peace of mind through knowing that their employees are receiving quality and accredited training. They know what outcomes to expect and how their upskilled employees could enhance company productivity.


In addition, employers can potentially apply for discretionary funding from their Seta to cover the cost of training their employees. They can also claim monies spent on training towards the SD portion of their B-BBEE scorecard.


How to get Seta accredited

Working with a business that knows the policies and procedures to gain Seta accreditation will save both time and frustration. We walk through the entire process with training businesses to prepare them for a timeous and successful accreditation process.


We start by assessing what you already have in place and advise where there are shortcomings. We will establish a quality management system in your business if necessary, provide the necessary templates and liaise with the Seta on your behalf. If your facilitators, assessors and moderators are not yet registered, we may also assist with this, and help align your programmes with the relevant SAQA unit standards and qualifications.


When we are satisfied that your business is ready, we complete and submit an application to the relevant Seta for company and programme accreditation. We also prepare you for the Seta’s site visit and are present during the visit to assist with any questions.


Once accreditation is granted, we advise you about how to implement it efficiently and for a quick return on your investment; we also advise on how to maximise your accreditation status and maintain it going forward.


Thrive has helped more than 850 businesses nationwide to obtain company accreditation with 19 different Setas. Together with your dedicated professional accreditation consultant, we accept accountability for the success of our clients’ applications. As a result, we enjoy a 100% success rate.


Accreditation clearly gives training businesses a competitive edge. If you are serious about growing your business and want to gain your Seta accreditation, contact us today.