We assist with any Seta-related question or query that you might have – our highly experienced Seta Accreditation Consultants and Skills Development Facilitators are here to help.

If the following challenges sound familiar – you need to give us a call:

  • You don’t know where to start in obtaining a Seta accreditation for your company and your training programmes
  • You would like to have a skills strategy that maximises your BEE scorecard
  • Your last Seta report is confusing and full of “SAQA” gibberish
  • Your clients are constantly asking you if you are accredited as they need to claim training spend with you towards their BEE SD target
  • You don’t know how to ensure that your programmes are credit bearing  and you are offering nationally recognised certification
  • Claiming back Skills Development levies from Setas is too complex and time consuming
  • Your training committee is dysfunctional and half asleep!
  • You haven’t yet enjoyed the benefits of Discretionary Grants
  • Your team could benefit from interactive and entertaining Assessor and Moderator training. We are currently running a combo special on both these courses.

We’re especially proud of four specific facts:

We have a 100% success rate with more than 850+ Company Accreditation applications to 19 different Setas nationwide.

We offer a streamlined, painless, professional service which results in timeous accreditation, swift return on investment and a quick realisation of accreditation benefits. With your participation we take full responsibility and accountability for the success of your application.  Your last invoice is only payable once you have your accreditation!

We have had a 100% success rate with more than 3788+ Mandatory Grant Claims we’ve submitted.

All grants have been paid out and companies have benefitted from our assistance.

Thrive was founded in 2003 and has been run by the same founding members ever since: Ingrid van Heerden and Andrea Kellett – leading experts in the Seta Compliance and Benefits field.

Our proven track record has earned as the reputation of turning complex and highly challenging compliance requirements into simple innovative success stories.

Isn’t it time you contacted us too?