Become a Constituent Registered Assessor

Unit Standard 115753: Conduct Outcomes-based Assessment NQF 5, Credits 15

Imagine a programme that translates boring and tedious educational administration compliance into a 2-day entertaining experience chock-a-block with games, conversation, challenges and light bulb moments.

Is that even possible??? Indeed!

This high-impact course will take you through the important steps of how to be an effective assessor. We cover the theory at the beginning of the course, allowing us time to create a make-believe assessment environment in order that you can become familiar with the assessment challenges you may encounter on a day to day basis.

This course is designed so that you can complete some of your own POE assessment during this two day course affording you the chance to ask those all important questions about your assignment.

Sample assessment templates, tools and documentation will be made available for you to use in your POE in your new role as an assessor.

What we will cover on Day 1

  • What is the National Qualifications Framework?
  • What does SAQA do?
  • The role of the Seta and where the QCTO comes into play
  • Why was Outcomes Based Education and Training implemented?
  • Unit Standards and Qualifications
  • Why should we conduct Assessments?
  • Defining Evidence Assessment Methods, Instruments and Tools
  • The importance of Integrated Assessment
  • Analysing the use of different forms of assessment
  • Principles of Assessment
  • Defining the Assessment Process
  • How to start the Assessment Process
  • Prepare Learner for Assessment Simulation: The pre-assessment meeting

What we will cover on Day 2

  • Supporting the Learner during evidence collection
  • Managing Role Plays, Simulation, Interviews and Oral Questioning Class
  • Evaluating Evidence
  • Mastering the skill of giving Feedback
  • Simulation: Assessing a Portfolio of Evidence
  • Dealing With Appeals and Disputes
  • Assessment Review
  • Reporting and Record-keeping
  • RPL – How will the assessment process differ?

We pride ourselves on how easily you will be able to complete your portfolio of evidence after the training. We also offer workshops on building a portfolio of evidence.

Please contact us for more information.