Assessment & Moderation Tool Design

To measure learners’ competencies against the Unit Standards, we develop and implement assessment strategies which include assessment tools such as checklists and tests.

We offer external assessment and moderation services to ensure that your assessments are effective and comply with NQF principles which ensures objective assessment of learners. These services comprise the following:

Assessment services
  • Assessment strategy design;
  • Assessment practice advice;
  • Assessment policy and procedure definition;
  • Assessment tool design (for each course);
  • Assessment guide development;
  • Assessment report and record template (for each course);
  • Assessor workshops to ensure consistency of assessment.
Moderation services
  • Moderation strategy design;
  • Moderation practice advice;
  • Moderation policy and procedure definition;
  • Moderation tool design (for each course);
  • Moderation report and record template (for each course);
  • Quality assurance committee meetings to ensure ongoing improvement of existing systems.

Based on our subject matter expertise, we are registered assessors and moderators with the following ETQAs:

  • ETDP Seta
  • Services Seta
  • Nursing Council
  • ISETT Seta