ACCREDITATION WEBINAR – the nuts and bolts of Seta accreditation


Let us take you through the ins and outs of your QCTO/Seta accreditation application and compliance. There are a variety of ways to approach this. Together with you we’ll help you to answer how best to do that for your particular circumstances, as well as unpack the benefits of your accreditation to your clients, ensuring you have all the insight and understanding that you need to be able to choose the best way forward for your application or how to make the most of your current accreditation.

This high impact, customised 1-hour webinar is offered via the Zoom platform – or any other virtual platform you prefer. Together with Andrea you will have an hour of just-in-time, customised information to answer all your specific burning questions.

The outcome of the webinar will be a bespoke accreditation strategy and roadmap for your compliance and successful accreditation application.

In the webinar, we will cover:

  • Company QCTO & Seta accreditation application – what documentation is required?
  • Your training quality management system – policies & procedures and your quality committee.
  • Alignment of your materials to unit standards,  part qualification or full qualifications – how can we do this creatively whilst keeping your competitive advantage?
  • Training materials: develop, adapt or purchase off-the-shelf?
  • Facilitators, assessors & moderators: who are they and what do they do? Constituent registration requirements.
  • What is the best way to approach this accreditation: varying Seta requirements, timeframes and compliance requirements.
  • Making business sense of your accreditation – ensuring highest return on investment: BEE scorecard benefits, skills levies claims, certificate of competence.

Your facilitator is Andrea Kellett – tenacious Seta de-mystifier and intrepid compliance requirement un-tangler for more than 16 years.

She also happens to be co-founder and Managing Member of Thrive Learning Facilitation. Thrive has done more than 850 company accreditations in 19 different Setas, with 100% success rate. Running about 150 companies through accreditation at any one time, Andrea and her amazing team are well-placed to guide and assist you to make sense of this sometimes confusing maze of Seta information.

Download the registration form now and book your one-hour webinar with Andrea to learn all about your Seta accreditation.