To offer nationally recognised training, any Training Provider needs to be accredited by a relevant Education Training Quality Assurance Body (ETQA). This ‘stamp of approval’ indicates that the provider gives transferable, outcomes-based and relevant training and assessment.

By using the services of an ETQA accredited training provider, you can be assured that learners are indeed gaining valuable knowledge during a training intervention which they can competently apply in the workplace.

Benefits of accreditation

  • Affordability for companies that use your training programmes – they can capture your training on their mandatory and discretionary grant claims;
  • BEE points: your clients can claim your training as part of their training spend, scoring points in the SD portion of their scorecard;
  • Credibility – accreditation indicates that your training organisation offers high-quality training and has excellent management principles and processes in place;
  • Transferable knowledge within and outside the industry through programmes aligned to unit standards (modules of competency);
  • Knowing the competence levels and strengths of your learners before and after your training intervention through effective assessment strategies;
  • Formal recognition of training offered to staff – this will assist in employees’ career development, retention and overall transformation strategies.