The Seta/ETQA accreditation process is a worthwhile and beneficial process for your company and your training programmes… if you can make sense of it.

This course gives learners relevant and applicable information so they can sensibly apply the structures and opportunities to their situation and business. Small groups enable us to address individual needs and scenarios, and learners leave equipped with all the information and tools required to accurately complete accreditation applications.

Content outline:

  • Where does accreditation come from and why do we need it?
  • What exactly is the National Qualifications Framework?
  • Seta/ETQA accreditation process:
    • Aligning a programme to the NQF
    • Assessment and moderation
    • Learner database
    • Recognition of Prior Learning
    • Certification
    • Learnerships
  • Making realistic business sense of the accreditation

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