Thrive Learning Facilitation is the Seta Specialist of note. We assist with any Seta-related question or query that you might have – our highly experienced Seta accreditation consultants and Skills Development Facilitators are here to help. If the following challenges sound familiar – you need to give us a call!

  • Obtaining a Seta accreditation for your training company feels daunting or impossible
  • Your last Seta report is confusing and full of "SAQA" gibberish
  • Your clients constantly ask you if you are accredited
  • You don't know how to ensure programmes are aligned to unit standards
  • So what is NQF assessment anyway?
  • You did assessor training, but never completed your POE
  • Claiming back Skills Development levies from Setas is too complex and time consuming
  • Your training committee is dysfunctional and half asleep!
  • The training you offer is not recognised towards any qualifications

We’re especially proud of four specific facts:

  1. We have a 100% success rate with more than 500 Company Accreditation applications to 19 different Seta's nationwide. We will walk through the whole application process with you, right through to being present at the site visit. Your last invoice is only payable once you have your accreditation!
  2. We have a 100% success rate with 2 960 Mandatory Grant Claims we’ve submitted - all grants have been paid out and companies have benefitted from our assistance
  3. Thrive was founded and has been run by the same founding members since 2003: Ingrid van Heerden and Andrea Kellett – making us leading experts in the ETD field;
  4. Our niche product and highly-rated service delivery to you our valued client

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We offer accreditation services nationwide!

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